Gillian Grisman

A well told story has the power to build empathy, connection and positive change in the world.


Human. Centered. Storytelling.

My life’s work is anchored in the belief that the power of visual storytelling can foster human connection and create a better world.

Based in San Francisco, I am an award-winning nonfiction filmmaker and strategist with a deep interest in telling authentic and impactful stories about education, health, arts & culture and mission-driven initiatives. My work includes branded content, educational and social impact videos, photojournalism, and a variety of nonfiction projects for multi-platform distribution.

Over the years, I have worked with many purpose-driven organizations like the George Lucas Educational Foundation, Aspen Institute, Clinton Global Initiative, Hewlett Foundation and others to craft cinematic, human-centered stories that touch hearts, engage communities and inspire action. Born into a family of musicians, I’ve also directed award-winning feature documentaries with artists like: Eric Clapton, Matchbox 20, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Elvis Costello and Gillian Welch.


Story + Strategy

Why is visual storytelling so powerful? It’s simple. If your audience can see it, they can believe it, and be inspired into action.

As the use of video continues to grow rapidly across platforms, purpose-driven organizations increasingly turn to visual storytelling to engage viewers and amply their message. They understand that producing well-crafted films is just the first step in the storytelling process. Leveraging the stories to engage their audience and inspire action is just as important.

Got a story to tell? Let’s bring your idea to life and share it with the world. I am available to collaborate with:

  • Creative Development

  • Documentary Filmmaking

  • Post-Production

  • Photojournalism / Candid Portraits

  • Media Consulting and Content Strategy